Caitlin StaniforthCaitlin Staniforth
1st Time Pass!
Caitlin Staniforth I think you are a really understanding driving instructor. You understood my anxiety and went round it calmly and going about things in different ways that I felt most comfortable. You pushed me to achieve the best I could in lessons and if I didn’t feel confident we would build up to it gradually over a period of time. The workbook was a massive help it made my first few lessons understanding the basics of driving a car very easy as it shows you how to do things. The progress chart is a really good idea as it allowed me to see what I had achieved and mastered and then not attempted yet. I liked that we would plan the lesson and then tick the chart of what we covered in it. The online videos you told me about really helped me to understand the different topics, as to learn, I like to see it done before I do it. I think your website is a good revision source for theory tests. There were lots of tests all with a range of questions that allowed me to see what I struggled with. As well as this,the hazard perception test really helped as there was a lot of these tests to choose from.

I Couldn’t Be Happier
Phil was very patient and explained every step perfectly from day one. He was always encouraging and always praised me after every lesson (even if the bad driving outweighed the good). I always felt relaxed and comfortable driving with Phil. He was always reassuring and not only did he teach me the practical side, he motivated me to revise for my theory. I’d recommend Phil anyday! The results speak for themselves, I passed both my theory and practical tests first time! I couldn’t be happier

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